Nü Milk Tea: Relaxing and Addictive!

Relaxing and addictive. Those two words perfectly describe this beverage: Nü Milk Tea. I don’t mean to sound hyperbolic, but really, you should give it a try and perhaps you would be a fellow addict just like me. Honestly, I never had such great addiction for a particular drink prior to my encountering this one.


Nü Milk Tea was released around mid 2012. It was the first bottled milk tea product, at least in Indonesian market. As far as I remember, there was no massive advertisement about it in TV back then. I would even say it is poorly exposed in any media. In fact, I couldn’t remember how the ads was until I looked for it in YouTube. Indeed, you have to look for it in YouTube since it is not showed anymore in any TV channels.


So how about the taste? I’m not sure if they have a special recipe for mixing such delicate flavor. Obviously it is composed from milk and tea, but this one is different. Tea has been known for centuries as an herb that helps people ease stress and tension. Probably that is why in yoga people drink tea instead of coffee. From Britain to Japan, from Switzerland to China, they all have unique culture and technique to relish their tea.

Adding milk to tea is not a novel thing: a lot of restaurants serve milk tea in their menu. Here is the best part done by Nü Milk Tea. They blend tea and milk in an exquisite way. This turns the light taste of tea to not so strong a taste, but rather a mild one. The milk sweetens the tea adequately.

Nü Milk Tea is perfect for various occasions. I take it to accompany me doing my project or playing game, or just for after-meal drink. Should they serve this kind of beverage in an all-you-can-eat restaurant, I would consider visiting it often to fulfill my craving for Nü Milk Tea.


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